Les Amis de l’Orette


The association “Les Amis de l’Orette” was created in 2012 inside the EHPAD retirement home of Vouvant. Composed of occupants, staffers and volunteers, its purpose is to finance and promote a larger and more diversify activity for the occupants.
In this way, we already have organized some events such as: open day, lotto, tombola, fishing, baking, and a Christmas market with the sale of products made by the occupants.

Those actions allow us to finance a part of the annual trip on the coast of Vendée, singers or storyteller in dialect, restaurant, cinema, theater,… The creation of a grocery inside the EHPAD allows for social interactions among the residents. It is open on Tuesday mornings.
Those events always take place in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere, with the added pleasure of sharing between generations.