Comité des fêtes


The Committee des Fêtes of Vouvant is a group with twenty one members which organises four large annual fêtes :

The Fête des Plantes in the month of May attracts a large number of exhibitors and vendors, and allows visitors to receive horticultural advice, and to buy a wide variety of flowers, and species of exotic rose bushes.

The Fête National takes place in July with a mid-day meal, entertainment for the children in the afternoon, and in the evening fast food is offered. Afterwards is the town’s firework display, and a dance ends the day.


The Fête in August, in 2015, was based on French-British friendship, with craft exhibitors, artists, and performances of dance and music ‘ folk and pop’, and a dinner dance in the evening.

Finally the last Sunday in November, the Christmas Market takes place with stands offering a variety of gifts, and entertainment for children and adults, and refreshments.In 2015 a half-day of conferences for heritage days on the theme of chemistry, was organized.

A concert of classical music was held in the church in the evening, with the support of the Association of Vouvant Heritage.