Vouvant Village de Peintres

Nef Théodelin

The Association «Vouvant Village de peintres,» («Village of painters»), created in 2005, has as its goal the promotion of cultural and artistic activities in the village of Vouvant. The Association focuses mainly on contemporary artists and painting, organizing numerous events each year from April to October.

  • Major exhibitions in the Nef Théodelin, a space that provides an exceptional setting for the exhibits.
  • One-off artistic events such as « An Evening of Art », a painting Marathon, and an art auction.
  • Monumental outdoor exhibits since 2013.
  • An artists’ circuit, open in the village mainly in July and August, featuring approximately firfteen artists in their studios or galleries (private studios, or ones rented from the Association).
  • Guided visits to the studios, galleries and exhibitions.
  • Interactions with schools, and with “La Girouette, Village de Vacances,” (holiday lodging), providing an introduction to painting and art through various activities.
  • Participation with other areas and villages in various cultural events, allowing the Association to also publicize its own activities, and to enhance the reputation of Vouvant.

In the last several years, the Association has begun to include a variety of art forms created by professional artists; thus sculptures are more and more in evidence, as are “installations in place,” (land’art),  photos, and mixed media works. Since 2015, artisans have also been included in the circuit of artists.

Supported by its many members, the Association has as its core goal the enrichment of our beautiful medieval village, by promoting the discovery of contemporary art in original and dynamic ways – maintaining all the while, a presence in our village that is in keeping with its  esteemed designations as a “small village of character,” and “one of the most beautiful villages in France.”

Coordonnées de l’association :
adresse postale : Mairie 85120 VOUVANT
Tél :