Vendéen folk danse – La Goulée d’Ev


Its Origins : This folklore group was started in 1975 to enliven the first “village festival” in Vouvant. The name “Goulée d’Ev” is a reference to the well known legend of Mélusine.
Its Objectives : To perpetuate Vendeen traditions; to revive with a spirit of conviviality the cultural history of our ancestors, a history they cherished; and to share our culture with those outside the boundaries of our area.
Its Composition : About thirty dancers and five musicians.
Its Performances : Entertainments, dance evenings, parades, exhibitions and demonstrations, and village festivals.
Its Repetoire : Derived from all regions of the Vendée and the Bas Poitou. The dances are very varied : “Rounds,” “Avant Deux, “Marchoises,” “Bransles,” “Scottish,” “Maraîchines” and games are also varied : the “barrel,” the “hoops,” the “stool,” the “brioche,” and the “rattletrap.”

The Dress : “de ville,” (in town) for Sundays and festival days and “de campagne” (in the country) for work and daily life.
Rehearsals : Once a month in the winter and every other week in the summer, Friday night at the Espace Lusignan. The rehearsals are open to anyone who wants to come and learn, or relearn, or just watch, these dances from the past, dances which are at the heart of Goulée d’Ev.
Contact : Mme GREGOIRE Céline, 06 25 56 05 46