Choir – Choeur en ballade


Chœur en Ballade (a pun on « ballad » and « balade » = stroll) is a choir founded in 1989 which currently has around 30 singers. They come from Vouvant and its neighbouring communities. The group is run by Marie-Thérèse Billaud.

The repertoire has ranged over 25 years from gospel to folksong and from medieval lays to a cross-section of modern songs. Chœur en Ballade’s aim is to express human emotions, whether they derive from the past or – especially – the present.


« Our main purpose is to share the pleasure of singing with the general public. We sing without sheet-music so as to get the best rapport with the audience by eye-contact and movement ! We also share this pleasure with other choirs that we invite to sing with us in the little village of Vouvant. »

For further information on the choir and how to join, please call either of the following :
Président :
Marie-Thérèse Métay : 02 51 00 85 30
Musical Director :
Marie-Thérèse Billaud : 02 51 00 83 96 or 06 33 84 62 67 (mobile)