The Gardens

THE GARDEN OF THE PRIORY (Le jardin de prioré)

Backing onto the sacristy and encircled by dry stone walls, this garden was created in 2007 on the site of the original priory, which today has disappeared. It follows the form and captures the spirit of the ancient monastic gardens.

It is divided into 4 beds bordered by boxwood hedging.

  • One kitchen garden square was planted with vegetables and plants for flavourings.
  • One square was of useful plants for textiles and dyes.
  • One square was of medicinal plants.
  • One square was for flowers used to make bouquets for the Church.

Labels are provided to allow visitors to identify the different plants.


THE GARDEN OF PAINTERS (Jardin des peintres)

This little garden, formerly a vegetable garden, was created in 2008, on the initiative of the community and the association ‘Vouvant Village of Painters’.


THE PUBLIC GARDEN (Jardin public)

Overlooking the ramparts and the poterne, this lawned garden offers a breathtaking view of the river and ‘le petit château’ peninsula facing the village.

THE SENSORY GARDEN (Jardin des sens)

The garden between the ramparts and the river was developed in 2010, by the association « Pêche, Sport, Nature » . Since 2013 the association ‘Graine de Nature’ has been responsible for the garden, looking after it with the help of volunteers. This garden is open to everyone, and is a learning space, and an area for the exchange of know-how and ideas. There are 15 squares containing plants, fruit trees, a pond, insect hotels, bird nesting boxes, beehives, and ‘wild’ spaces … Truly, an ode to biodiversity.