Ancient Forest of Mervent-Vouvant

Twenty-five percent of the land of Vouvant ( 519 hectares), is part of the great Mervent-Vouvant forest, which stretches for more than 5518 hectares. This forest is crossed by two water courses; the Mère and the Vendée  which converge in the nearby town of Mervent.

After being called the ‘Royal Forest of Vouvant’, then the ‘Imperial Forest of Vouvant’, it was in 1965, during the creation of the National Forestry Commission, that it took on the current name of the ‘Great Forest of Mervent-Vouvant’.

The National Forestry Commission manages the state owned forest, and there carries out its three objectives = the production of wood, welcoming the public, and protection of the environment.
The owners and the Regional centre of Forest Property manage the private forests. The General Council and the Management Syndicate of the Vendée are responsible for the water courses and the dams.foret-de-Vouvant3The wide variety of sub-soils more or less acidic, a chaotic topography and different climatic influences explain the extreme richness of the plant species found there. It is essentially made up of Sessile oaks, and, depending on the terrain, beech, hornbeam, chestnut, hazel, birch, wild cherry, and some forgotten trees like medlar and rowan.
The forest floor of shrubs and herbaceous plants also offers a great variety. Wood anemones, wild garlic, periwinkles, bluebells, asphodels, heathers and ferns …which follow the seasons to ensure a spectacle.


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